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JOHN LOGAN (29/5/62 – 6/7/08)

John Logan loved his work, his friends and, most importantly, his family. He enjoyed the company of his work colleagues and customers in the Australian homewares industry and he had an extensive network of very special friends. But, his family were always priority number one; his mother Pat, his sister Katherine and his brothers Tony, Richard and Mark. He was also a favourite “Uncle John” to his niece and nephews.

In April 2005, John’s life was dramatically shaken-up when he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and secondary tumours in the lungs and liver. John was devastated by the news. He was particularly concerned about breaking the news to his mother as only two years earlier his sister, Katherine, had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Shortly after receiving this shocking news, John had a big night out on the town with friends to ‘get it out of his system’ before he stepped into a three-year merry-go-round ride of endless bouts of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Through it all, like many others who have travelled that same path, John found the strength to live, love, smile, and laugh. He maintained his genuine concern for others at a time when it must have been difficult to not be constantly looking inward.

As sick as he was, John was determined to keep living a ‘normal’ life as much as possible, notwithstanding the many interruptions demanded by his treatment and recovery from surgery. Time with family and friends was a priority. John knew that his prognosis was far from good but as always, he was prepared to give it his best shot. He researched his illness thoroughly and became extremely well informed about his condition and the various options available for treatment. He would often put his medical team through the hoops and was respected by them for doing so. Even on the really tough days, John would push aside the pain and manage a smile.

By April 2008, it was evident that John’s life journey was nearing its conclusion. He refused to complain about his situation and used this time to put his personal and business affairs in order, including planning his funeral to the nth degree — even joking to one friend that he had gone into the real estate business, buying a very small block in an exclusive and select part of Melbourne!

By May that year, his condition had deteriorated markedly and John spent the last seven weeks of his life at his home being cared for by Katherine, Pat, Richard and the nurses of the Bethlehem Palliative Care Team. He was able to say goodbye to his friends and family and passed away peacefully on 6 July, 2008.

John was an inspiration to all who knew him during his final years. He has left behind many wonderful memories and a wish to help others who have been diagnosed with cancer. In June 2009, part of his wish came true when the John Logan Foundation was founded, where his legacy to help others lives on.