Giving the Gift of Hope

The John Logan Foundation is a not-for-profit charity, financially supporting Australians living with gastrointestinal* cancer. The Foundation assists by contributing to the cost of prescribed treatments and procedures that are not available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Some treatments can cost as much as $11,000 every two to three weeks. This burden can cause financial toxicity for an individual and their family at an extremely difficult time.

It was John Logan’s wish to start a Foundation to help those faced with the stress of costly treatments. John suffered from bowel cancer and was only too familiar with the high costs of non-PBS drugs and procedures. His battle ended in 2008 when he was only 46 years old, but he planted the seed for the Foundation with those close to him. John’s family and friends went on to establish the John Logan Foundation in 2009.

Since the Foundation granted it’s first ‘Gift of Hope’ in 2010, it has financially supported 411 Australians with cancer by providing in excess of $1,230,000 towards treatment. As long as there is a demand to financially support cancer treatments for Australians, the JLF will continue its mission.

Visit our Fundraising page for how you can help.

*In the future, we hope to help with any type of cancer diagnosis.