Jade’s Story


We lost my mother, Tracey Kelly, to gastrointestinal cancer in 2014. She was only 52 and she left behind a very large, loving and close family. Mum was always there for us and had such a zest for life. She always brightened up any room with her bubbly presence and infectious personality.

Unfortunately, after her diagnosis, mum went downhill really fast as the doctors had caught the cancer too late. The John Logan Foundation provided help during a difficult time in our lives. We were starting to lose hope as treatments weren’t working, the doctors were starting to give up and mum was really depressed. My stepdad did some research online and discovered this wonderful Foundation. It was brought to the attention of my mum’s doctors and they then got in contact. Within days, mum received a phone call from a lovely man from the JLF. She was so happy and we were all full of hope again. They made funds available almost overnight and mum went ahead with more treatment. Although mum lost her battle in the end, giving her that bit of hope and positivity was the most amazing gift and it is the reason why I believe foundations like this need all the help they can get.

When mum passed, I really felt like I needed to physically “do something” to make things better. Of course, nothing could make losing your mother better but I started with creating an Everyday Hero page and throwing a garage sale to try and raise funds. I made lolly bags for gold coin donations and handed out pamphlets, but it was a total let down. So, I put all my energy into sharing my Everyday Hero fundraising page. I wrote little stories about mum, shared photos now and then, and shared the page with my friends and family on social media. The support and donations poured in.

I raised over $550 to help more people like my mum. Losing mum is the absolute worst thing I have gone through in my life, but I hope to live a life that she would be proud of. I see her in everything I do and in everywhere I go, every day. A song, a smell or sometimes from my own voice speaking her words reminds me of her.

Supporting a Foundation that gives hope to other people and families who are going through such a hard time is a start, and it was a pleasure to support them as they did for us.

Jade is pictured here (on right), with her mum Tracey.