Rebecca and her family
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Rebecca’s Story

REBECCA’S STORY I am 48 years old and am a wife, a mum, a step mum, a nana, an aunt, a great aunt, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I also have liver cancer. After a barrage of tests in January, I was faced with my own mortality. It is a very frightening place […]

Ingrid and Paige
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Ingrid’s Story

INGRID’S STORY My name is Ingrid and I have stage IV terminal Cholangiocarcinoma. I am a 44-year-old mum with three adult children. I was diagnosed in late 2015 and had a liver resection almost immediately following my diagnosis, as a lifesaving surgery. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be and after six months of hard work recovering […]

Linda and her grandchildren
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Linda’s Story

LINDA’S STORY My name is Linda Wilson. I am a wife, mother, sister, auntie, friend and a registered nurse. Oh, and I should mention that I am a fishing fanatic, (the latter I believe is my therapy). And I am living with pancreatic cancer. In June 2012, I experienced some vague symptoms of reflux, upper […]

Patient Stories

Jade’s Story

JADE’S STORY We lost my mother, Tracey Kelly, to gastrointestinal cancer in 2014. She was only 52 and she left behind a very large, loving and close family. Mum was always there for us and had such a zest for life. She always brightened up any room with her bubbly presence and infectious personality. Unfortunately, […]