How to Apply for Financial Assistance

We regret to advise that the John Logan Foundation is in the process of finalising its closure. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any further applications for patient assistance. 

Please know that we are committed to helping any pending applications. Should you have a question regarding an outstanding application, please email

Thank You


What assistance is available?

Please note:  On the advice of our Medical Advisory Panel, we are unable to assist patients requiring Immunotherapy.

Grants, or the ‘Gift of Hope’, are currently available for gastrointestinal cancer patients living in Australia. A Grant is typically paid to the dispensing hospital pharmacy for treatment, the hospital administration for radiotherapy procedures and to the dispensing pharmacy in the case of prescribed oral chemotherapies. In some cases of orally administered therapies, the patient is repaid directly upon presentation of the dispensing pharmacy receipt, which must be made out to John Logan Foundation, along with the patient’s name and DOB.

Who qualifies for a ‘Gift of Hope’?
Any gastrointestinal cancer patient who is a resident of Australia and living in Australia, who is recommended by a qualified and practicing Senior Medical Oncologist, may qualify for a Grant. Depending on the treatment required, the referral may also come from a Surgeon. In this instance, it would be helpful to have some oncology patient history. The patient must also satisfy the financial criteria set by the John Logan Foundation.

The decision as to the provision of the Grant is entirely at the discretion of the Foundation and that decision is final. Approval for a Grant involves several considerations both financial and medical.
Please note: All patient information supplied remains private and confidential.

Apply for a ‘Gift of Hope’
To refer a patient, please complete the Patient Referral Application form. This form needs to be completed by a Medical Oncologist or a Surgeon. Please note:  On the advice of our Medical Advisory Panel, we are unable to assist patients requiring Immunotherapy. 

Follow these steps to Apply for Assistance:

Once we receive the completed Patient Referral Application form, our Medical Advisory Panel will assess the application and a JLF representative will contact the patient to discuss their Financial Assessment.

Next Step
This process will be completed within 10 business days. Once the Grant has been approved based on the medical and financial criteria, the patient/relative will receive an email or phone call from the John Logan Foundation outlining the ‘Gift of Hope’ to be provided. The referring doctor will also be informed of the decision by email.

The dispensing pharmacy company will forward the patient’s bill, or our part thereof, directly.
Please email to